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Touch systems are both input and output devices. They consist of the touchscreen itself and are supplemented by other components such as displays, carrier parts and holding frames or housings.

Question/Definition: What is/are Touch solutions?


A touchscreen is the input and output surface of a device or machine. Devices or machines can be controlled by touching the touchscreen surface.

The touchscreen became known through the iphone.

Touchscreen variants

capacitive touchscreens

A capacitive touchscreen reacts to touch and consists of an electrical field. This consists of two mutually insulated conductive layers, which are arranged one above the other in a lattice shape.

Touching the surface with a conductive object, usually a finger, triggers a change in the voltage of the electric field. The changed capacity is measured and evaluated by a controller. Thanks to the structure of the capacitive touchscreen in rows and columns, the electronics recognize the intersection at which the finger touched the touch. This technology makes a touchscreen multi-touch capable and enables the typical touch gestures such as rotating and enlarging.

Resistive touchscreens

A resistive touchscreen reacts to pressure and consists of two electrically conductive layers that are mounted one above the other at a short distance. So-called spacer dots ensure that the layers do not touch when not actuated. These spacers are so small that they only attract attention on closer inspection.

A DC voltage is applied alternately and crosswise to both layers. When the touchscreen is actuated, the conductive layers are connected and form a voltage divider, on which the electrical resistance is measured and the position of the pressure point is precisely localized by a controller.

PCAP Touch

The abbreviations PCAP or PCT stands for Projective Capacitve Touchscreen and became known through the Iphone. This is one of the most commonly used capacitive touch technologies. The touch sensor is usually laminated directly behind the cover glass and projects the detection through the glass, hence the name.

touch panel


Hoffmann +Krippner
Hoffmann +Krippner develops and produces individual touch systems. We use optical bonding to glue displays and touchscreens and provide a brilliant view of important information.
IQ Automation
IQ Automation offers products and accessories for everything related to industrial monitors, touch monitors, panel PCs and rugged tablets. The SL-Touch brand also belongs to IQ Automation.
As a service provider for companies, AVITEL offers interactive touchscreens, smartboards, interactive displays, as well as products from media technology, conference technology and presentation technology.
Kundisch's portfolio includes both membrane keyboards and products for printed electronics as well as touch systems: capacitive touch, resistive touch, capacitive keys.
EP Electronic Print
Projective-capacitive touchscreens (Pcap) and analog-resistive touchscreens are offered at EP Electronic Print.
TecSys offers individual touch systems for various applications.


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