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Smart Yarns are called intelligent yarns. The yarns (hybrid threads) have, for example, conductive properties.

Question/Definition: What is/are Smart Yarns?

Textile raw materials for smart yarns

Stainless steel, brass and silver are textile raw materials that are often used for smart yarns.

AMANN Group at the Texprocess 2019 about future threads

Steel characteristics

  • high breaking strength
  • high corrosion resistance
  • electrical conductivity
  • heat conductivity
  • melting point at approx. 1,500°C

Well-knows products: Steel-Tech

Brass characteristics

  • excellent mechanical features
  • excellent fatigue strength under reversed bending
  • melting point declines with increasing zinc concentration; about 900°C to 925°C

Silver characteristics

  • corrosion resistance
  • highest specific conductivity
  • antibacterial
  • melting point at approx. 961°C

Well-knows products: Silver-tech/Silver-tech+

Producer Smart Yarns


The AMANN Group is a globally active manufacturer of industrial, sewing and embroidery threads and smart yarns. The company's headquarters are located in Bönnigheim in Baden-Württemberg. From universal sewing thread to high-tech special thread, AMANN offers a wide range for a variety of applications. The AMANN Group also specializes in smart yarns. Smart yarns are intelligent sewing and embroidery threads with special functions. In the area of ​​conductivity, they can be used in medicine e.g. Providing information about a patient's vital data, processed as heating or cooling elements in work clothes or automobiles, can in turn ensure the optimal temperature. AMANN also offers special yarns for filtration, e.g. for sewing threads for solid / liquid separation, sewing threads for wet filtration or sewing threads for dedusting.


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