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Scara robots are 4-axis Industrial Robots. Scara stands for: S elective C ompliance A ssembly R obot A rm. The shape of the SCARA robot is reminiscent of an arm, but in comparison to other articulated arm robots it works with only four axes: three axes of rotation and one linear axis. SCARA robots are robots with a very special design that is related to human joints, which is why it is also called horizontal articulated arm robot. He is often responsible for certain joining and pick-and-place tasks in assembly. SCARAS are very robust and space-saving.

Question/Definition: What is/are Scara?
Also often searched: horizontal articulated arm robot, four-axis robot kinematics

Structure and functionality

Principle of operation of the Adept Scara robot

Structure of the SCARA robot:
This type of industrial robot stands on a fixed robot base, the first axis is the swivel arm that can be rotated around the robot base. The second Scara robot axis is the articulation of the swivel arm. At the end of the second arm, the vertical and rotatable Z axis is attached, at the lower end as an end effector z. B. a gripper can be mounted. As the fourth axis, this can also perform linear movements.

Epson Scara industrial robot
Scara robot Epson

SCARA robots usually have the task of moving a workpiece from a defined position to the assembly location and joining it from above. Horizontal transport and vertical joining are the movements of these industrial robots. The robot controller takes over the motion control in the railway sector. SCARA robots generally only have holding brakes on the Z-stroke spindle, all other electric motors are not braked. They are available in different designs as floor units, wall units and ceiling units.

Areas of application

SCARA robots are used where maximum precision is required. Due to the high speeds and the precise and powerful Z-stroke movements, it is mainly used in assembly and joining tasks as well as for quick pick and place tasks, but also positioning, palletizing, emptying, filling' ' 'and sorting are possible areas of application. For example, they can be ' multipole ' Plug connector. This type of industrial robot can even help in the manufacture of solar modules. In addition, they can be used for the assembly of products with short life cycles. These types of industrial robots are used in a wide variety of industries - food, medical, pharmaceutical, plastics and electronics - and are available in the payload range up to 20kg and range up to 1000mm.

The following are advantages and disadvantages for choosing the right robot for the application:

SCARA robot advantages

  • low space requirement, d. H. small footprint
  • stable robot arms and therefore very stiff vertical movement
  • high press-in force
  • Robust compared to other articulated arm robots, making it less susceptible to damage from collisions
  • very high repetition accuracy
  • uncomplicated accessibility for repair work
  • long service life
  • relatively cheap

SCARA robot disadvantages

  • smaller work area
  • only 4 degrees of freedom, therefore little flexibility
  • low payload

Service provider & manufacturer Scara

FANUC has adopted automated solutions and develops and manufactures industrial robots, wire EDM machines ROBOCUT and injection molding machines ROBOSHOT. The world's largest assortment of robots with more than 100 models can be used for various industries and applications. The industrial robots include articulated arm robots, delta robots, Palletizing robots, inert gas welding robots, painting robots and the SCARA Robots.
According to the navigation, ABB's business areas include electrification products, robotics and drives, industrial automation and power grids. The drive and robot technology includes motors, drives, generators, robots, traction converters and converters for wind turbines. Scara robots of the IRB series, palletizing robots, painting robots and 6-axis robots can be summarized under ABB's umbrella term robotics. As standard, the Scara robots are protected against the ingress of liquids and dust and the internal compressed air supply and signal lines are combined on the outside.
Kuka offers the KR5 Scara, which promises fast and resilient use for small applications.
Robotif is a service provider for on-site emergency repairs, maintenance, procurement and installation of spare parts for industrial robots. They also offer training on how to pass on their know-how. Sometimes repair packages for the Scara robots of the Adept Cobra and Stäubli RS and TS series can be purchased.
The SCARA robots are extremely robust, have a compact design, work at high speeds and are suitable for low payloads. Stäubli also offers the modular CombiTac multi-coupling for energy and media circuits. The individual, combined modules in a central mounting frame create individual solutions, adapted to every customer request. Stäubli guarantees high process reliability in the following application areas and sectors: chemicals, ' motorspot ', aviation, steel industry and in the nuclear industry.
Omron is made up of three business areas: industrial automation, electronic components and medical technology. Industrial robots that are part of industrial automation are made up of Scara, articulated robots and Delta. Adept Cobra is a possible series of the Scaras.
Epson offers over 300 variants of SCARA robots for assembly, test and measuring cells with different ranges and a load capacity of up to 20 kg. A special model are the Spider robots, which reach all positions of their action space with 100% accuracy with their cylindrical work area and the Scara G3-351s series. In addition, Emson offers under the Icon for accessories POWER AND SIGNAL CABLE SETs for between 250 € and 430 € excluding VAT, printer and 3LCD - projectors for business and end customers. The detailed Product overview is visible on the website.
Mitsubishi Electric
This company's product range includes articulated robots and SCARA. The MELFA robots combine accuracy, speed, durability and a compact design.
Four-axis SCARA robots, ideal for fast assembly and handling tasks: years of experience and the latest technology. The SCARA series comprises three performance classes with working radii of 450 mm, 500 mm and 650 mm.
esco can be found in the branches of electrical drive technology, in automation and control and in mechanical drive technology. Automation and control include the robotics category, which includes the Scara THL series and the Scara TH series. The industry tab under mechanical drive technology includes switchable couplings, fluid couplings and flexible gear couplings.
Comau is an Italian automation company and develops SCARA robots as well as the Rebel.

SCARA robot needed

There are many ways to purchase SCARA robots used online., robot partners, machine seekers and resale are just three of them.


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