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Mental Age My Mental Age Test
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The mental age describes your age with reference to your current life circumstances. It differs from your official age, which is documented in your passport, in that mental age depends on your attitude to life. With a Mental Age Test you can test your brain. What is its actual mental age? Does it fit to your real age? Warning: it's more fun than a real medical test (P)

Question / Defintion: What is Mental Age?
Also often searchedt: My Mental Age Test, Mental Age Buzzfeed, Brain Quiz, Brain Age Test

👉 Mental Age Test - Take this short test and find out how old you really are! 👈

How old is my brain?

You will never know unless you do a mental age test. This will help you to discover the mental age of your brain. What is your mental age?

Do you feel younger than you actually are? Or are you behaving way "older"? During the tests you can choose the answers that you like the most. There is neither right or wrong.

Mental Age

Do you listen to your inner child and sometimes lose control? Are there moments in your life when you jump up and down or sing out loud because you are happy and want everyone to know? Mental age is an indicator of how much your inner child influences your life. It can be influenced by social environments, ways of thinking and lifestyle.

For example, a 12-year-old child who has to take responsibility for himself and other siblings probably has a higher mental age than a 12-year-old child who lets his parents manage his life. Thus, the degree of responsibility assumed by a child can influence its mental age. Another example: an elderly lady always stays in contact with many young people. Her character is shown in her open-mindedness for changes and interest in her own personal development. The lady's mental age will therefore probably be lower than the mental age of a person who is actually younger. The interest in new things and the courage to explore the unknown will keep the lady mentally young. Both scenarios are just examples of how a person's mental age can be influenced.
Important: These examples do not stand for general stereotypes!

What other types of age exist?

the biological age

A person's biological age depends on several factors: his genes, his lifestyle, his social background and his social environment. You can't change you're genes that provide your genetic information, but people with the special variation of the gene FOXO3 have a higher life expectancy for 100 years than people with another variation. Tip: You can influence your biological age by watching on the consequences of your daily consumption (food, alcohol, drugs, etc).

the chronological age

The chronological age is based on the date of birth documented in the passport. There you can look for it whenever you want.

Does my mental age refer to my IQ?

There are different opinions on this question. Some say it depends on IQ, others say it's not. We believe that anything is possible. People with different IQs can have the same mental age. It is also possible for a person with a higher IQ to reach a higher mental age than a person with a lower IQ and vice versa.

You can find out your IQ also with a test: the IQ Test

Can I improve my mental age?

Yes, of course! There are several ways you can reduce and maintain your mental age. With brain training games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles you can keep your mind active and young.

Research/Science: Interesting articles and news about mental age

Retirement and non-exertion cause a sharp decline in physical and mental health. Various new research shows that mental age is a very relevant issue for people of different ages. That is why some institutes and scientists are dealing with this topic.
An article on the relationship between retirement and the decline in mental health was published by the Institute for Economic Affairs, among others, entitled "The youthful brain: still under construction". There is also another important article on mental health from the National Institute of Mental Health. It describes brain function, development, and behavior based on adolescents, and how it changes during adolescence.

Tip: Short mental training sessions will have a long-term benefit for the everyday function of seniors. Adults who train their brain continuously are mentally fitter compared to untrained people and face far fewer challenges in their daily lives.

Mental Age Test

Why should I take the mental age test?

Your question - What is my mental age?

That's why you are attached to mental age tests. What types of mental age tests are online? The search for the different mental age tests inevitably leads to several results. Some of the tests can be quite entertaining and interesting, others are less. Basically, most of these mental age tests are based on 10 to 20 different questions.

A mental age test is also a lot of fun and gives you some information about your mental age. If you like the experience, you can usually share your information with your friends.

Questions of the Mental Age Test

To figure out your brain's age, there are some important questions you have to answer. Your brain age depends on the answers you have given. The following aspects are essential to reveal your mental age.

Your inner child
Are you a childish person? If so, it's an indication for mental youthfulness.
Your gender
Men's brains are usually younger than the brains of women. Sorry Ladies!
Your preferences
Piixemto mental age test
"Which men shoes would you wear at a party?" - Choose your preferences by Piixemto.
Would you rather have an energy drink or a glass of wine? What is your idea of a good time?
Your style
Some questions can sound like "Which dance style do you like?".
Your physical age
Often Mental Age Tests ask for your physical age - with the addition of not choosing the wrong answer for a joke.
Your emotional state
You have made a lot of mess - what do you dou? This is a typical question of example for finding out emotional states.
Your sense of responsibility
If you have a great sense of resposibility you seem to be older. Questions like "What do you do with your money?" can help fguring out how great it is.

Types of Mental Age Tests

Piixemto tests quizzes
Overview of different tests by Piixemto.

There are many types of mental age tests and most of them don't take longer than one minute. Some (specific) features:

  • for kids
  • for teens
  • for gender
  • main focus psychology
  • in different languages (Hindi, Spanish, ...)
  • specific tests like color tests, "true" mental age tests, youtube mental age tests

How's The Best Mental Age Test online

Rank Points Mental Age Test Name URL Graphical Implementation Number Questions Question Quality Age Input Annoying advertising Google Ranking
1 10 Mentel Age Test (Piixemto) 10/10 12 9/10 No 9/10 4
2 8 Mental Age Test (TabDesk Micropublishing ) 2/10 20 10/10 No 1
3 7 Mental Age Test (arealme) 2/10 9/10 No 2
4 5 Age Test (??) 2/10 Yes 5 3
5 A Color Test That Can Tell Your Mental Age (Bright Side) 5/10 7/10 6
6 What is your mental age? (memorado) 4/10 5/10 5/10 7
7 What's Your Mental Age? ( 2/10 10/10 8

explanation of the columns in the table

  • Age Input: At the beginning of the test, your age will be used for the algorithm of determination of the mental age. This makes the tests different.
  • Graphical Implementation: Many questions can also be formulated graphically. This makes the test much more entertaining. Better graphical representation gets more points: 1..10
  • Google Ranking US: Google page rank in the US. The ranking has only limited relevance to the quality and spread of a mental age test, as factors in search engine replication play a major role.
  • Annoying advertising: yes, the providers of mental age tests all finance themselves through advertising (Google AdSense / Affilate), which monetises the reach. Otherwise such tests could not be offered because web programming, hosting and web traffic costs money. But for the user, it just makes a difference how obtrusive this advertising is. Less weaving gets more points: 1..10

How accurate are those mental age tests?

All Online Mental Age tests are: Fun!

Certainly, some "algorithms" are built so that, according to the answer, there is a "more fitting" mental age. In principle, the result is always good - like a horoscope. If you are younger than the result, you are very wise. Are you older than the result, you're fresh in the head ;-) So the answer is almost always good.

But what is behind the phenomenon mental age tests on the internet? Very simple: there are people who like to do such tests. And there are online marketing experts who build such tests and earn money with the online reach, with affiliates like Google AdSense.

We can also say that mental age tests are sometimes a reason for interaction in the media, which promotes the exchange with real people. That's good for the mental age. And certainly one or the other tip is included in the tests, whose implementation is also good for the mental age.

It is entertainment with (sometimes) valuable impulses for your own existence. No more and no less.

9 tips to stay mentally young

Be a star in the shower!
Singers tend to be more satisfied with life and have more self-confidence. Statistically they are smarter! So...use your shower head, choose a song and turn your bathroom into a karaoke club!
Make funny faces in the mirror!
Everyone knows: A smile can change your day or even your entire life. But smiling is easy and not really a challenge. Try other expressions and make your friends laugh!
Hug a tree!
The trees in your environment can reach an age of 1000 years...1000 YEARS!! And some trees are getting much older. The next time you see a tree, hug it and be thankful for your double-digit age.
Visit a theme park...
...go directly to the carousel and ride on your favorite horse!
Discover your love for numbers...
...even if math wasn't your favourite lesson in school! We're sure you'll have fun by playing sudoku. As long as you're able to count to nine...
Dance in the rain!
Pull on your rain boots, grab an umbrella and splash in the puddles.
Have a pillow fight!
A fun stress reliever without any pain!
Go to the playground!
Get on the swings like the good old days and try to catch the clouds.
Let your inner child loose now and again!
One of the best things that you can do is to keep your inner child alive. Don't take life too seriously!
Mental Age My Mental Age Test
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Mental age test related tests

In addition to the mental age tests, there are many other tests, e.g.


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