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A jib crane is mounted almost exclusively stationary either as column jib crane or wall jib crane. Compared to tower cranes, they are more often found in production and production halls than on construction sites. They are smaller, very flexible when swiveling and can therefore be used for a wide variety of purposes. (P)

Also often searchedt: slewing Cranes, gantry cranes, tripod cranes


A slewing crane is a special crane, which is particularly suitable for some applications because it

  • is relatively inexpensive - a smaller model is available from a price of almost 2000 euros.
  • Easy to install with a plate on the floor or on the wall.

especially for the in-house transport of goods or containers, for the loading of goods, e.g. very suitable for loading and unloading vehicles. The pivoting movements of a crane are controlled by an operator. The control can take place at the touch of a button, via cable or via radio.


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