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induux is the digital platform for the capital goods of the german market. On induux you can

  • publish your own articles
  • get distribution of your content
  • get lead generation and online visibility

The idea behind

induux is based on experiences of a research project at Fraunhofer IAO in cooperation with VDMA and industrial enterprises. induux is a Fraunhofer spin-off.  

induux offers a freemium model:

  • free basic features
  • pro features - added values&prices

  On induux you can find over 4000 german industrial enterprises and related industries signed in on induux with a company profile.

Quick start on induux

We're helping you with every essentially features and benefits. induux offers:

  • translation of your content
  • digital distribution 
  • support via contact

  So sign in and become part of the induux world!

Areas of the induux world

Industry Platform

The core of induux is the industry platform with

  • News and product information from the industry
  • induux company profiles, for example ifm-electronic
  • the supplier directory z. B. Manufacturer energy chains
  • the induux Event magazines


Industry knowledge is made freely accessible in the Industry-Wiki. Companies and training institutions document their knowledge, make it accessible to other users, exchange knowledge and complement each other.

Industry forums

In the induux forums the industry discusses. In real meetings, the induux community exchanges for example, at the induux industry meeting.

Industry jobs

Jobs display the job ads that are set by induux users in their respective profiles. induux users can advertise job advertisements for free.

Upload content

Uploading content is free. Owners of a company profile - Basic or Pro - can publish articles, documents and videos free of charge and unlimited. With an induux-Profile Pro the content will be distributed to gain more online reach for your company.

Entered data is retained, even if there is a change from Pro to Basic.

The visibility (for example on the start page only the news of the owner of an induux-Profile Pro is visible) and additional functions (for example further links) are limited. To unlock them and benefit from additional visibility, the induux-Profile Pro must be activated.