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induux is the digital platform for the b2b industry in Germany. With induux you

  • improve your online performance
  • distribute your content in the world wide web
  • generate leads for your business
  • reach more online visibility

The idea behind

induux is based on experiences of a research project at Fraunhofer IAO in cooperation with VDMA and industrial enterprises. The idea was to connect german industrial enterprises - like a facebook for the capital goods industry. Today induux opened to the whole B2B industry and improves the online performance of B2B companies with online marketing services and the online platform

induux offers a freemium model:

  • free basic features
  • pro features - added values&prices

Quick start on induux

We're helping you with every essentially features and benefits. induux offers:

  • translation of your content
  • digital distribution 
  • support via contact

 So sign in and become part of the induux world!

Areas of the induux world

B2B Platform

The core of induux is the B2B platform with

  • News and product information from the B2B industry
  • induux company profiles
  • the supplier directory
  • the induux event magazines

B2B Wiki

B2B knowledge is made freely accessible in the induux Wiki. Companies and training institutions document their knowledge, make it accessible to other users, exchange knowledge and complement each other.


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