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Energy chains
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Energy chains or drag chains are constructional elements that can be used to safely guide both cables and pneumatic or hydraulic hoses. Without these guides cables are quickly destroyed under continuous load.

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'Energy Chains' are one kind of cable routing. Another possibility of cable routing are cable protection conduits or certain pipes. Cable drag chains are used in industry where mobile electrical parts or large machine parts have to be supplied with energy (i.e. electricity, oil or gas), for example to CNC lathes or industrial robots. In the energy chain, all drag chain cables and cables are routed to the desired workstation. In addition, such energy management protects the lines from external influences, so extend their life.

Construction and execution of energy chains

Energy chains are available on the market in many different designs. As a rule, cable drag chains have a rectangular shape, and the cables are routed inside. The individual chain links between the beginning and the tail can usually be opened individually, so that access to the cables and lines at each point is possible and cables can be supplemented with already installed plugs later and with little installation effort. Within the energy chain, webs separate the individual cables from each other. At the beginning and end of the cables are clamped with a strain relief.

Energy chains are made of different materials. Mainly energy chains are made of solid plastic because this is less expensive than metal, does not rust and is easy to assemble. For special applications there are also steel / stainless steel and plastic chains with aluminum bars (hybrid).

Important facts about energy chains

For energy chains / cable drag chains / cable guides, care must be taken to ensure that:

  • Downtime can be reduced
  • the life is increased
  • Travels are adjusted accordingly
  • a universal use is possible
  • They are installed to save space
  • high speeds are associated with better service life
Eine Energiekette in Aktion. Wichtig sind u.a.: Geräusche und Vorkonfektionierung.