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Cable protection conduits are to be found in the field of cable management, they are an elementary part of cable protection. In the industry they are used to protect individual or bundled cables from external influences. (P)

Also often searchedt: cable protection hose

What is a cable protection hose

A cable protection tube is for Cable Protection and is a form of Cable Management. Such a protective hose ensures that cables and cables can be routed properly and safely. There are different types of cable conduits: plastic corrugated pipes, braided hoses, metal conduits and spiral hoses.

corrugated pipes
A corrugated pipe is made of plastic, usually polyamide, PVC or polyethylene. The corrugated tube is sturdy, yet flexible due to its corrugated shape. The higher the corrugation of the corrugated pipe, the more flexible it is. Corrugated tubes are available in closed and open form. Due to the longitudinal section, cables can still be easily inserted into an open corrugated tube even after the tube has been installed. The moving image on the right shows a corrugated tube with spring return system.

braided sleeving
Braided hoses (see picture on the left) are protective hoses made of plastic fabric and are characterized by their high flexibility. The braiding allows them to stretch enormously in the radial and axial directions. In addition, braided sleevings have high abrasion resistance and the fabric is resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures or motion. Because of these characteristics, these protective hoses are e.g. suitable for protecting and bundling internal cables.

Application of cable conduits

Kabelschutzschläuche mit Wellung, Protektoren zum Schutz des Schlauchs.

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